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"Top of the world"

21 Aug 2020

High on a mountainside

High on Nature

The troubled world lies far below...

Here the air is fresh and clean untainted by the fearfull poison of Billionaire Plutocracy and Corona Quarantine terrorism.

We wish you all this bright pure happiness on this beautifull day

Be free! Be green! Stay weird!

Stenny et Damien

Water is Life...

14 Aug 2020

This week we have been hard at work climbing, digging and playing in the mud with our new friends Oleg (from Czechia) and Jens (from Austria), together we moved earth and rocks and shaped a part of our hill to secure a new spring-tapping point on our land.**

All our drinking and utility water is natural spring water that comes flowing out of the mountain range we live on.

Let’s talk about the weather again

9 Aug 2020

So… for a moment, forget that the human race is supposed to be dying of a deadly permanent flu virus and look outside for a moment…

As far as I can see the climate is just about as fucked as it has ever been and then some… Here in the Slovenian Alps the weather is to say the least … weird.

Hot summer sun and heavy thunder and rain are circling each other in a waltz of turbulence and temperature fluctuations (the thermometer is going up and down like a pogoing rabbit on speed). It makes for impressive natural phenomenon, but it’s not right.

Memories of childhood religion...

8 Aug 2020

This is an old drawing made by my son Damien when he was still a tiny little pagan toddler, this "burning horned god" was inspired by one of our first OMNIA midwinter Wickerman burnings way back in '98
(Which made a big impression on his developing mind)

The basic nature-centred principles of Paganism can be learned really easily by young children, ya know, it makes perfect sense and it's certainly much more fun than all those weird sadistic monotheistic cults

it sure makes better Art!
Don't you agree?


6 Aug 2020

blood and bone heya heya primitive cave(wo)men
(in their natural enviroment)

Deep thingz from the true underground music scene

Stenny and Damien

Pic by mr. B Alrog

Happy Lughnasadh!

1 Aug 2020

Listen to our song LUGHNASADH
Close your eyes, Drift away to a time when the whole world resonated to the rythms of the Earth
and give thanx to the powers that make up the Natural world...

Today we celebrate our Celtic ancestral God Lugh!
The eternal power of the Sun
The gathering of the tribe,
The feeling we share about life and our gratitude to Nature

And also...


30 Jul 2020

Let the water fall
The eternal dance,
of elements...

the water flows
The Spirit flies


Happy Birthday Sic!

24 Jul 2020

The Alpha Wolf is getting Grey , but is still going strong



Painting pictures in the sky (Happy lil' clouds)

24 Jul 2020

Life’s canvas unrolls before our eyes
A new brush stroke,
A new texture,
every day

Spellbinding patterns awaken
Fresh and seen for the first time in this state
Each day...

Each day a new world is born
Each day a new YOU is born
Your world remakes itself every day
What will it be tomorrow?
(You choose)

Greenz in Motion!