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Social Commentary (YOU are not alone)

7 Nov 2021

Time for another little message  ;-)

Since the corporate take-over of reality I sometimes wonder if it has any point at all… But hey! I feel I gotta keep trying! (that’s still my job)

You see, I am free, and I would like YOU to be free too!

It seems that the abstract little thing which was once called “the TRUTH” has no place in most parts of this super-controlled society anymore.

I know that many monkeys don’t agree with my natural simplistic way of life and my warnings about the current War on Nature (and the 99%)…

Moonshine in the daytime! ;-) (the sweet life of an Outlaw…)

17 Oct 2021

Wild Fruit grows on TERRA OMNIA because Nature makes it so

We gather the fruits of the forest and our orchards and put them into big enclosed buckets

the fruit ferments with the natural wild yeasts it contains

the mash turns into spontaneously fermented alcoholic “wines” or “ciders”…
all by themselves!

I cook that mash in my distilling kettle to make high grade alcohol.

I use the resulting alcohol (given freely by nature) to make my own pure organic brandies , bitters, liquers, tinctures and disinfectants…

Fee Ra Huri has over 60 million views!?

9 Oct 2021

…wow… thank you for watching!

Our song Fee Ra Huri has somehow gotten an enormous amount of views on you-tube…  weird huh?… must be the amazing lyrics!
I never really check
(as you know we are not really a “video-band”…more ‘real life real people’-people)

so, I honestly didn’t think it was possible for non label, non-marketed, non genre, underground artists  to get such an audience…

Fee ra Huri is kinda old though!… We look so young! haha!
It makes me think if I shouldn’t maybe make some new OMNIA videos?

Happy Mabon!

21 Sep 2021

(you reap what you sow)

I love this time of year, when all the seeds you have planted in the past year,
bear fruit in the present moment :-)

Physically as well as spiritually

We have ofcourse sowed many fruits, vegetables ,herbs  and other good things to eat


We have sowed Love, (not Hate)
we have sowed Peace, (not War)
we have sowed Calm (not Panic)
we have sowed Healing (not Disease)
we have sowed Truth (not Lies)
we have sowed Respect (not destruction and greed)

Wytches Brew ;-)

16 Sep 2021

Having our own unique beliefs , lifestyle and skills in the middle of nature, there is less need to consume the mass produced “products” of the unhealthy society of humans… (never really liked all the factory beer etc anyway)

Jenny now makes all sorts of delicious weird drinks herself from ingredients that grow all around us,

Like this: Jenny's fermented wild nature sodas!

Self sufficiency gives such a freedom of choice

Real nature, with real plants for real people!

What do I think of Humans?

11 Sep 2021

Silliest monkeys I’ve ever seen…
couldn’t find their own butt with both hands
Hi Ho

Churt Daffodil II Vonnegut

Anniversary of lies… the truth lies naked, bleeding and shot full of holes

11 Sep 2021

Exactly twenty years ago today the New World Order carried out their biggest project up to that date… blowing up a few thousand of their own people in front of the whole world to cause a war to increase wealth and power of the ruling classes and… more importantly they made this HUGE lie stick.

Looking back it has become more than obvious even to many of the ‘plebs’ that the world trade centre was bombed from the inside, but still the handy lie stands…
no one speaks out… no one is punished or stopped.

Flower Power

3 Sep 2021

The strength of the smallest flower breaking through all obstructions to reach the sun,
is stronger and more enduring that the worst ridiculous terror and destruction that the temporary babylon new world order can inflict upon the earth.

Like the gentle yet strong flowers , the beauty and the art of the free people will endure.

Stay free, stay positive, stay pure


Natural remedies :-)

30 Aug 2021

Nature provides us with all the best medicines we could ever need,
which we gratefully gather, dry and use for many healing and invigorating tinctures and infusions etc. (like the wild herbs you can see hanging here on one of our drying racks)

because If you live a natural life, nature’s remedies are all you will ever need:

and If natural remedies can’t cure whatever’s  bothering you,

then you are probably not diseased by the planet…

but poisoned by humans


Greenthingz and natural health!