15 Sep 2022

OMNIA back in the studio!

Spreading Life, Natural Love and Happiness through Musick is what we do, it is what we ARE.

Often words are not necessary,

but good vibrations and positive intentions held within the folds of pure acoustic Pagan Folk musick speak volumes straight to the soul...

Good vibrations and true intentions on the internet,
Counter the Darkness and Fear that resides there,
to reach deep in the heart of the confused industrialized cities around the world.
To strengthen the brave hearts who live there
and bring them the warmth and light of true Nature
where, like the wild ones,
OMNIA lives free...


There will be a NEW OMNIA VIDEO release tomorrow for YOU on YOUTUBE

From our Heart to YOUR Heart...

Peace, Love and Greenthingzzz!

OMNIA and the wild Ravens

"Nothing is Sacred...Only Nature"