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Hi, here's Alex from Austria. I've discovered your music via Youtube and I love it, thank you for your work!

Do you have any plan regarding concerts in future? I've searched and read your website, but found nothing about your plans in the future...

Hoping for a real-life experience, greets Alex

Hey Alex! Welcome :-) We are happy you love our music! We have toured intensively for about 17 years, and stopped playing live shows 2 years ago. Steve and me wanted to chang our lifes radically, to be able to survive the coming madness of this 'society' we live in, and to escape the population density and death of Mother Nature in the Netherlands. We ended up in Slovenia, where we now live the good life, on an old farm at the foot of the Julian Alps, in pristine nature, on a huge piece of land.We were really lucky that we stopped touring out of our own free will, because of course now there are gazillions of artists sitting at home trying to make do with making videos, shifting their concert agenda up and up and up iinto the future, nothing secure, nothing fun anymore.

We have the feeling we will not start touring ever again. The touring life is not for us anymore. So I'm sad that you never experienced an OMNIA live show, but well, that's how it is...There's lots to find on Youtube of course, and a nicely filmed show by ourselves which we released on a DVD back in the day, called PaganFolk at the Fairy Ball, which you might enjoy.

Greenthings Jenny / OMNIA



"Free Bird Fly" for all the Activisti in the occupied DANNI in Hessen/Germany!


Greetings from Turkey, I can say that I love your songs are my songs for my favorite: Fee R Huri, Earth Warrior, people do not talk, I really love these songs in another. I hope one day you will come to Turkey will be a concert there. I am sending you my love. And I hope we can take pictures ..



The words in the original are identical in both Catalan and Spanish, at least when run through Google Translate into English. But the rhythm of the poem seems closer to Italian than to most Spanish lyrics, which would better fit a Catalan composition. Also, the word "sospiri" translates from Catalan as "sigh" rather than from Spanish as "breath" which seems to better fit the emotional character of the poem. As you probably know, "sospiri" is used in Italian madrigals to indicate a sigh, perhaps for a lost love.

Enjoy your misty mountains,

Jack (from the Texas coastal plain)



I really love your music, especially our Earth Warrior album. What language are the lyrics of Babu Bawu in? I did some research but couldn't find anything conclusive.

Also, I am a bit concerned about your song Kokopelli, maybe you could help me to understand. Kokopelli is an important figure in the religion of the Hopi and some other indigenous cultures, and as far as I know, most indigenous people are not so happy when their religious icons are taken by outsiders. As far as I know, none of your band members are Hopi, so I wanted to know how you made sure not to take anything out of context and not to offend anybody.

I will be happy to hear your answer.


As my friends and I were getting ready for our Samhain ritual this year, I was introduced to you through the live version of "Morrigan Crone of War" in their playlist. I've since listened to that tune so much that I now hear it playing in the back of my mind in the small hours of the night. Been enjoying your other works, as well. Yours is just the right kind of soundtrack to the kind of Celtic shamanic path I've been slowly walking these past few years. It's also refreshing to learn about others who feel the same way about humans that I do. Merry meet!


The world and my life is enriched by your music and the way you effortlessly weave together creative inspiration and manifestation, and a lush, earthy, soulful awareness of our connection to the matrix of creation.


Just discovered you a few days ago and haven't stopped playing your songs.

A profound t h a n k y o u from a late-night high school teacher in Mexico.


Stenny at Terra Omnia,

I tried both Spanish and Catalan to translate Francesco Sinibaldi's beautiful lyrical poem into English. I think Catalan works a little better. What do y'all think?

Greenz into gold and russet,


How does it go in Catalan?


May Spirit bless you and keep you well.
It would be fantastic to see you perform in Tucson, Arizona USA.

Francesco Sinibaldi

El secreto del sol.

El mar me
aparece tranquilo,
cuando el sueño
regresa con
un dulce sospiro
y una rima
armoniosa; invento
la noche, los
tristes colores
de una candida

Francesco Sinibaldi

Marc stout

wondering when tours will start again and i would like to purchase a two hoodies looking for when more will be in stock ?

Hey Marc! We are currently moving our webshop from Germany to Slovenia, and encountering some logistic troubles. We hope to have our stock back this month. Keep an eye on the shop/our news/posts on FB. Thank you! Greenthings Jenny / OMNIA


Heyhey , 50 yr old Aussie metalhead here , somehow stumbled onto celtic punk bands last year , prolly cos I always loved pipes , so started w/ The Real Mckenzies and The Dreadnoughts, then tripped over Les Ramon des menhirs ( fkn love that sht ) , then one night coupla months ago The raven pooped up on youtube , well , fk me , blew my mind , absolutely love it , then ofc , started to listenin to more , love it , you guys are pretty fkn cool ( I still say cool ) , tryin to wean the kids off k-pop to listen , no joy yet , I'll keep tryin , same w/ my metalhead mates , but i'll keep tryin , good job , keep it up , fan in FNQ if yas ever rock up this way , take care all .


Greetings from the US! I discovered you all 5 years ago when writing an essay on old European mythology. I've been listening ever since <3 I hope you all are well and hope to hear new music from you soon! Maybe someday soon you can take a trip across the pond!

Andrew Harvey

Greetings Greenthings! I'm so very appreciative of you guys, and I'm honored to be a part of the quest in re-uniting these mutant monkeys with their natural habitat... however few there may be.

I wanted to thank you for allowing me to feature your music in my latest story telling adventure video, "Dawn of Dragons"

I don't have much to offer, but I hope the donation and art purchases help you guys keep going strong! I'll be sure to send you a copy of the film before the release so you can be among the first enjoy it, and receive the story I have to share with this world.

Aho! <3


Also, for all the goddess love, please make a live (or acoustic) version of "for alice" ;P


I just want to say that we, the more-mutant-then-average monkeys are listening and echoing your message. Thank you for giving us a voice and sometimes the strength to carry on, by showing we are not alone. You probably don't know how important you are for a lot of people that never found their place in a world that should be their home.

We are together, even if doesn't seem so a lot of times. Cheers for everyone that still come to a guestbook in 2020, just because Omnia, I hope you find what we are all seeking.

Morten Hjort Hansen

Hello I hope that you are all well doing these times. I have been a huge fan of you guys for years now, you have inspired me through a lot of hard times. These days Im using your music for school projects doing my study to become a light/scene technician.
I would love to be able to return the favor back one day for how your music has helped me going trough hard times and assisting in my studies. So let me know if you ever need an extra hand with your lights/design or a stagehand when these dark and hard times with Covid19 is getting better.

Best Regards
Morten Hjort from Denmark

Dominique Onodrim

Just wanted to let you know that you guys, your blog posts & music always lift my spirit when im kinda down. Weather in the Netherlands will become colder again now and the days are shorter. But positive Omnia vibes keep me up and Awake! So thanks :)


Greetings to you from the smallest state in the USA, Rhode Island!
My husband Christopher introduced me to your music and inspiration 4 years ago and since then Omnia is my go to. I appreciate all that you do!
Love and Light,