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Waes Hael From all the Yule Tomtes in our ancient woodland Sanctuary. Here to help all fighting for Mother Nature. Congratulations mille fois to Omnia for saving your Country with Music. Entre zomp ni-Kelted. xxx

The Lone Wolf

Hi there,

Love your music.
When are you're coming back again to the Netherlands (Venlo).
Like to meet you folks live on stage.
Keep up the good work.

The Lone Wolf.

Mike Smith

Found some of your videos on youtube. I was wondering if you ever do concerts in the United States, especially in Colorado?


Greetings -
I just discovered your music during a powerful life transition. Your songs and performances I saw on YouTube have reminded me of how far away we have gotten from living an authentic human life.
Thank you for taking me back to my soul's true purpose. You are beautiful - talented people that are appreciated !!

david Summers

I love your music since years! You have a very unique and cool sound!
I am from from Austria ... so i speak german and have not much idea about what your lyrics mean! Only the english songs of course! :-) I love your music so much .... proceed in what you ever have in plan for the future .... best regards .... David


Hi guys!
I have recently fallen in love with your music and love your message!
There is a question since that's been bothering me. I am Pagan, and I love to spend time in nature with my wife and kids, but I also work nights full time and am a gamer.
With the growing advancement of technology, how does one reconcile the two sides?

Michael Zisser

Hey Fellow Pagans....I would pick this piece of land too, if I where in your place.
All my good wishes are with you. The alps are also my original homeplace and the old spirits and the ancient gods are really strong there.

Evr´y now and then I pass by on your page and watch your path a little, and since you´ve left your dutch forest I´ve been always hoping you´d find an adaquate place for you---(always thought of some subalpine region as a perfect match)...and now you´ve really found the place I´ve imagined for you.

Its very important to come home. Ive written enough songs about that myself.

So may the gods smile upon your yearning and may no manmade stupidity stand between you and your hearts homeplace.

Best wishes
Michael, the Forestherbalist


Never seen a bunch of weirdo's like you, completly severed from this community and you all look like you've escaped some sort of detentioncamp.... and love you all for beeing different and yourself.
Discovered a few songs of Omnia while getting lost on YouTube and have listened to it a lot. So much talent and creativity, wish i had a splinter of that. Keep on doing what you love and fuck the rest.
Hugs and best wishes.


Stenny and Crt,

I'm extremely glad to see that you have found your possible new home. I will pray to my Christian God for you to be approved by the Slovenian bureaucracy. He/She is not the enemy you sometimes think He/She is. The beauty and power of your music in a time when much popular music has become arid and tuneless proves that to me. Your new companion, with his Yin/Yang markings, may also be a sign of good fortune--perhaps even a familiar.

Blessings on the Day of the archetypal Shaman, Sinta Klaas,



Oh! Wow!
Finally you found your property!
A dream comes true!
Hopefully everything will work out with the purchase!
May the force be with you!
And all the good and beautiful things!
We hope for the best for you and wish you a lot of success!!!
Love, Peace and Greenthings!
Floki, alias Jan the viking


It is funny! It's a happy little thing but if you look deeper, if you choose to, It's a desperate attention getter. No one seems to get how much deep shit we are in. Stuff around us is dying. I'm convinced Omnia know how funny the title of this song is in Ireland, somehow though but when I think of Omnia, I don't see Ireland at all at all, I keep seeing cold highlands and unending mountain pine trees. So, maybe I am lost and confused somewhat, no sense to my seeing now, but there is always a truth found in what is seen, not always immediately understood, even so, I will from my heart say their message is a desperate attention getter. When I go home, away from this exhausting place I work in, I need to travel deeper and further that I ever did as a child to find the magic of mother earth and when I arrive there, exhausted, I realise each time how much deeper I have had to travel. My home is shrinking at an increasing rate and it's almost impossible now for me to hear my wind on the river, to feel the moss beneath my feet. To fish for trout where I have always fished. To find seasoned Totara wood on the forest floor to cook my fish with the flavour my father showed me. It's funny! But you can all suck my flute! I am still a blood and Bone Man.



I think these blue mushroom are Green Elfcup (Gewone kopergroenbekerzwam),
or from the same family, there are really beautiful !

Continue to share with us

your music is really great !


Kurt Allen

Love your music. Hope to hear you live someday, maybe on the west end of the pond?
Peace from Minnesota,

Robin Darkmere

Merry Meet,
where has Omnia been all my life?? I have listened to your music on Youtube and I never realised how empty my soul was until it was filled.
I love your music and the message you are sending, has reached me and I now want to be a part of Omnia and what it means to humanity and the planet we call home.
Blessed Be!

David A. Storey

Just watching your rendition of The Raven. Marvellous. I’ve spent the last forty years trying to memorise that great poem. Bit envious. Poe would have blessed it I’m sure.

Floki, formaly known as jan_the_viking

Hi Stenny!
@Happy Jenny.
It is so beautyfull to see that you both were happy!
And I hope that you find your right place soon!
Because then it may be possible to see you back on stage, because that is the thing most of your fans realy missed!!!
I'm glad to see you about 10 or 12 times live on stage and it was stil awesome and crazy.
But I missed it verry mutch!

So allow me the question how do you live these days and how many costs you have!? Is it difficult for you, I mean in relation of cold and health and so on?

Wish you the beautifulst and best (place)!!!


Love your music


Took me so long to find something that is meaningful and reminds me of how to connect with what means most. Thank you so much for everything you have created and continue to create. I hope one day to catch you on tour hopefully in the states. But until then I have your music. Again... Thank you.

Marcia Bueno Morello

Trabalho escutando música. E, um dia desses, comecei a ouvir um som diferente, vigoroso, alegre, festivo e fui descobrir quem era...Daí conheci esse grupo! Sensancional! Mas vi pela agenda deles, que nunca estiveram no Brasil?!? Puxa, seria interessante se viessem em São Paulo. Agora, estou direto procurando informações deles pela "web", e, logicamente, ouvindo direto a música. Incrível!


Took me 71 years to find music that didn't bore me to death! Never get tired of listening. Absolutely timeless.