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Hello Omina, Love your music.

Can I kindly request permission to use the soundtrack of Fee Ra Huri to a short, non-commercial video clip?


Hey Stenny, apart from your music, I have enjoyed your Youtube videos tremendously, because your (life)style is just so interesting, and aesthetically pleasing. Would you consider making videos about your life in Slovenia, how you work on the land, renovate the house, play music in nature, and just build TERRA OMNIA step by step? If it's just too much at the moment, maybe set up a Patreon for this kind of content, so you can support yourselves from it at the same time. I'm sure there would be enough fans ready to spend a few € or $ each month (not too much of course, as the crisis affects us all economically...) to see the videos, blogposts and livechats, and help TERRA OMNIA come into existence at the same time. I hope you consider my idea. Take care, all the best!

Shirzad Sharif

Greetings from Persia! Love your music! Great Job Keep up the great work! Check out my music & website too! Hope you like it!

Blessed Be!
Shirzad Sharif


Not sure how else to contact you kin, but I would be most honored to join in the family with one of your bronze medallions, if you plan on producing another run of them. I have a very.... dyverse network to connect you guys with.

Stay Strong. Stay grounded. We've only just begun <3

Volker Zander

Hello Omnia,
thanks for Your music, I'm out of work since corona started, as a cook it's a bit difficult right now, so I started to write on the third part of my books. Will it be a success? I don't care, because writing is for me probably as much joy, as it is for You to make music. And I must admit, that I discovered You in the internet only recently. So writing my book and listening to Your music makes my mind fly high!
I hope You are OK as well!
I have only one remaining question, will there be any more shirts available (I'm size XXL). Would be very nice to get one of those.
Greetings from Munich, in a time, where nature can take a deep breath from a lot of threats put down by corona.


Just discovered you guys on YouTube. Love what you do. Keep it up!

Cheryl McKinney

Hope you are all well and prospering. I enjoy your music immensely. Can someone tell me what pickup Sic uses on his Irish whistle?


Dear Omnia, dear Sic and Jenn. I'm writing you from Canada with the warmest greetings, hoping you are doing okay so far in your travels.
Since my 16 I have been listening to your band. You have been with me through everything, you helped me to discover my truth, pagan self, the Nature Warrior inside of me. Nowadays, I'm 22 year old male transgender pagan who prays and loves Nature, because it is Sacred.
You, Sic, you always been a Satyr for me, a Pan, meanwhile Jenn is music for ears and a forest dryad for my heart and soul.
To be honest, I always wanted to write down a letter for you.
Lost soul intimacy with my blood family because of my gender identity, sometimes I imagine you are my soul parents. You are my teachers, who showed me the right path and helped me to find the harmony. Your songs saw my tears, laugh, everything. I hope to see you one day, you both, and walk in the Nature together.

Thank you fo everything you are doing. Thank you for inspiring. Thank you.
Hope to attend your concert once.


Jolly Ol’Nick

Much Love, Peace and Honor for your Music from All is Folks in the PNW


A salute from an Iberian ranger.

My soulmate has been a loyal fan for many years, and is responsible for introducing me to Omnia.

Your music has my admiration, and your lifestyle, my respect.
May your woodland path remain clear, and your art, inspired.


i got your alive cd a few years ago and still love it ... plan on buying more very soon. bb


Hey guys, your music really speaks to me so figured i'd throw a love at all of you. Hope you all are making due with all of the crazy things happening in the world these days. Take care of each other and the world we live in. Peace, love and harmony from Denmark :)

Jon G

I have listened to your messages for over a decade. It always makes me tear for the truth can't be expressed in a more pure form. Your devotion to our home, to our fellow brethren, to the world as we know it. It can not be understated that the words and music you give and love by should be strive for by all.

Andrew Harvey

You... You are AWESOME!

Thanks so much for the energy you bring, and all that you do. Since discovering your music I've been listening to it non stop.

I would like also to purchase something to help support you in carrying on this message of yours. It's an effort I cannot thank you enough for!


Cool bean

Hello Jenny, we are some cool kids out of Sweden just loving the message and making sure all the people smoke their ganja to fight the power that looms over us all.

Please keep spreading your message and make new videos as that seems to be the best way to make the world understand what's going on!

Loved the naked shoot poem, I know nothing better than to feel the breeze between my legs. Almost like Gaia is caressing me..


Hi you crazy people!

When will we see you on stage again and hear your fantastic music?
It has been almost 2 years since we saw you in Selb!
Was that it already?
That would be sad!
We feel a deep pain by thinking that this could be the end!
I'm not on Facebook, but I'm sure there are thousands of fans out there who think and feel exactly like that!
Please write something about your future plans in the blog. We would very much appreciate it!

But above all: stay healthy and continue as you are, we love you for that!

Greetings and Happy beltane
Floki, gemany


Liebe Jenny und lieber Steve,
ich wünsche von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute für euch und Terra Omnia!
Danke für eure Blogs, es ist immer schön von euch zu hören.
Lasst es euch gutgehen auf diesem wunderschönen Fleckcken Erde!
Liebe und Licht...

AleSandra Urbalejo

Greetings from chen trailed Texas! The temps are all over the place on a daily basis, but overall moderate. We are not allowed to walk or do any recreations, but I live in a small community and we can take some liberties. Wishing you all the best and have a few great stories maybe we can share sometime! I am Naive American and Celtic. Thank you for sharing your great talents, Stenny. The whole world isn't composed of stupid monkeys. Some of us are Alien to this specie, at least, in part. Be well!


Easter Greetingz to all our friendz in the World of Omnia. UK in Lockdown - Not. All the Evil Ones are allowed out to destroy Faery woodlands and flowerhauntz for HS2 highspeed train line. Politicians bending the roolz, doing what they like. Doctors & nurses dying. Time to End Satan'z Party.


Send you a very hearty hello from Vienna!
Although the sun is shining here, I am not feeling very well at the moment due to quarantine restrictions. I miss my family, my friend, my horse, arching in the forest, my pen & paper rounds, just my whole life so far.
And even though I only recently got to know your music, I feel it speaks to my very soul and helps me to keep my sanity. Thank you for being here!