OMNIA Poëtree - Old Man Tree (unplugged & improved)

This special version of Old Man Tree was recorded acoustically (in one take) on the day after an OMNIA Poëtree performance by Jenny and Steve Sic at Dreamharps in Mijdrecht NL.

This is pure music in a pure setting played without any form of amplification or effect. The words and the feeling of this piece came straight from nature, if you enjoy this music, please try to listen to the message as well...enjoy! 

Greenthingz! Stenny

(recorded live 8th of april 2012)
lyrics/music: Steve Sic and Jenny Evans van der Harten
© 2012 Paganscum records
Jenny Evans van der Harten: piano , backing vocals 
Steve Sic Evans van der Harten: lead vocals