Yeah! we're on our way back to LavaStudio!!

7 Dec 2013

Finally after two days of being stuck in StockHolm we are now on our way back to Denmark again to carry on mixing the new OMNIA CD "EARTH WARRIOR"!! 
The unexpected Swedish adventure instigated by Storm Sven and the casual "dump 'em and leave 'em to die" policy of Norwegian Airways will hopefully be over in about 5 hours…

We're sitting here very comfortably in a very clean and friendly train (much better than a plane) speeding through the GORGEOUS Swedish country side to København … Fecking hell what a beautifull wild country this is!!
Wild rolling hills and lakes … white snows.. the sun like a golden promise of life never-ending shining down on giant forests where small amounts of wolves still live 
… (apparently the monkeys didn't get them all yet!)
wow… Stenny will definately come back here for a holiday next year!… I can hardly believe this is in Europe…

Anyway… I'm going back to staring out the window now… enjoy your day/night wherever you are!
Greenthingz on white rails XXX