1 Sep 2019

Would YOU like to sponsor OMNIA and also get hold of the last remaining collector’s items from OMNIA’s long history up to now?
Here’s your chance!
We are doing this as a form of simple “crowd funding” without all the extra “whistles, bells and whatnot” usually associated with these thingz ;)
We have a very limited selection of OMNIA collector’s items, none of these items will be reprinted in these forms ever again, most of them have been waiting in storage since the day they were made for THIS moment!… so this is the only place you will ever find them again, when they are gone, they are really gone
(unless you are lucky enough to score one secondhand off other collectors!)

Because it is technically too difficult for us to arrange a “normal” online auction with all these different items and so many people, we have done the following:

In 2018 we had 12 auctions in which a few of all these items were offered to fans during our Theatre Tour.
They bid against each other for possession of these pieces.
We’ve based the minimum sales prices in our online worldofomnia webshop on the medium price of what those fans actually paid for these pieces of OMNIA history.
(But, of course, because this is an act of support, you are allowed to donate more, to help us, but that would be YOUR decision).

All these items are extremely limited, in amounts ranging from the most (100 pieces in total) to the least (2 pieces in total!). That's all there is for evermore, so it's a "first come, first served" until they are all sold out.
Also: With the exception of „Sine Missione II“, we have autographed ALL CD's and DVD's for you! :)


Your donations for these items will go directly toward the acquisition of a sustainable “World of OMNIA” and all we stand for! …no label, no management, no Babylon!

Thank you for YOUR support! and … keep on feeling ALIVE!
Stenny et OMNIA

pic by Kees