This is the "World of OMNIA"

26 Aug 2019

It contains a bed, a pagan travel kitchen, a bunch of instruments ,many ,many songs and a universe of Musick... in fact:

226 recorded songs!
(That's the right answer!
Actual total is 227 omnia tracks on cd/dvd but 1 is a track on Live Religion which is not a song... so 226!

117 are Original OMNIA songs (of which 7 are covers)
17 are reworked versions
10 are Re-written Remixes
9 are pure remixes
51 are live recordings or live videos
22 are rereleased versions

That's as close as we got!
Marcel Hempfling got it exactly right so he wins the prize!
But everyone that said 227 will also get a prize for being fucking close!
our merch-ravens will be contacting you soon to send you your winnings!

Fuuuuuck! That's a lotta songs eh?Half a life of Musick! And more yet to come!
We had trouble counting it all!I took hours. 
Do YOU know ALL those songs?
If not:
We'll be making a very limited amount of originals of the earliest titles available soon as "collectors items"!, to help us raise more funds to make a BIGGER World of OMNIA!
If you want to support us and expand your OMNIA collection here's your chance! More info will follow :)

Greenz from the road (in Slovenia)
Stenny et OMNIA

Ps: recognise the tent?