Wooly hats

28 Oct 2019

With Samhain approaching and the temperatures (finally!) dropping, the Raventeam aka your trusty Webshop Team, is fully embracing the darker season and its somber atmosphere...it's the time of heavy books and hot chocolates. Our home forest emanates a reverent air by now, seemingly inviting us for long walks amidst the crimson leaves and whispers of the others...but in the time of a thinning veil, what's a pagan to do in order to gain protection from the less enticing spirits swirling about?

-the answer is obviously a proper handcrafted wool hat!

As stated a while ago, we're always trying to work out new ideas for the Webshop which is usually a slow progress that comes with paperwork, a long chain of production and certain limitations. Since we just ditched plastic from our shop (our remaining envelopes being the exception...please recycle it, we are doing the same and you might receive your order in recyled packaging, too!) we thought we'd try more new stuff and would therefore like to offer you a truly one of a kind, hand-crafted, non-mass produced, free-range & fair trade product: The Pixie's Delight Woolhat!

It's hand crocheted by Spike and made of comfy yet sturdy Merino wool - works on every creature and stormy weather and also happens to match our other items perfectly!

If you like it enough, we're going to to launch the sale coming thursday...would you like that? Due to the amount of work that goes into each hat, it will be a limited edition that will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Spooky things in wooly hats!

Yours truly
The RavenTeam aka Daike et OMNIA

Picture by the Demogorgon