29 Oct 2013

The 2nd "Earth Warrior" recording-campaign is now officially over!
All the bits and sounds we need to make the best OMNIA studio-album ever!, is now recorded and stored safely on the hard-discs of Lava Studio!
These fresh young songs will be left to mature and ferment a bit (like a fine wine or Good Grass) before taking them out and re-examining them again.
then , in about a month's time, the difficult and extremely time-consuming blending process starts (aka: Mixing) after which the random crazy nature shaman sounds emitted by OMNIA will be transformed into the brand NEW OMNIA songs!

… which in turn will go out into the world as OMNIA energy to transform Reality and soothe the natural world… real OMNIA Musick...
We make this ourselves
We write this ourselves
We play this ourselves
We have no Label but ourselves
We have no subsidies and grants, we pay for this ourselves
We have no mass media coverage we spread this ourselves
We don't give a flying F*ck about Fame or Cash, we do this for nature and ourselves
and YOU help to make all this possible!
Every one of YOU who has ever bought an OMNIA CD, shirt or other merch. item, Every one of YOU who has ever paid for a ticket for a Theatre or venue or festival Every one of you who has ever given us gifts of Love, Energy or Art
Apart from this living planet, YOU are our only Boss… so only
YOU get to share in our energy of Life!!!

GreenThingz on Rainbow wingz
(picture by Rafna TrøllFøkrr... mr.Shine him diamond...)