30 Aug 2019

THE new OMNIA CD back in 2003 was this one!
The extremely rare first OMNIA "3" CD featuring JENNY!
We stopped printing and selling them many many years ago...
We've kept a VERY limited amount
(39 total!!) of these unique first pressings in storage for ALL these years... maybe for YOU?

We signed all these musickal monuments of OMNIA's looong history and They will be made available to fans and collectors through our worldofomnia website-shop!
YOU can get one (if you are quick enough!) by donating to us to help raise funds to build a more permanent "World of OMNIA"! (All explained in the webshop)

On Sunday september 1st our limited OMNIA-collectors items will be made available!

Greenthingz and timeless Musick!
Stenny and the Raventeam

Ps: please bear in mind that these items will never be made again and there are not huge amounts left...
(some items have only 2 or 4 pieces total!) so it's First come,first served!)