More guest musicians! and now it's IRFAN!!

10 Dec 2013

We is still mixxxxxingg ..mixxing..mixing EARTH WARRIOR and adding more and more of our talented musical friends from around the world.
Today we have some Brilliant ethnic percussion tracks made for us in Bulgaria by our friends Peter and Kalin from IRFAN!! (recorded ofcourse by their colleague Ivo.. who is also the genius production-brain behind the Irfan CD's).

And our Bulgarian buddies are also finally working a new CD themselves together Denitza Seraphimova!! (IRFAN's original female singer) IRFAN's new CD is coming out on 04.04.2014 so be sure to check them out! (Irfan's last CD "Seraphim" is actually one of the most played CDs in the Stenny house!)