Collaborators …A warning…

19 Nov 2021

 I am a life-long Anti Fascist activist and Anarchist, I know through personal experience what the injustices of corrupt powers can bring about and that the biggest monsters can be very “normal” people.

My Dutch Grandfather was a nazi collaborator who joined the SS during the last world war and my heart bears the shame for ever more... he was just a "normal" guy.

That is why I am always very concerned about people who collaborate with any corrupt power regime…
Fascism/Totalitarianism and oppressive regimes can appear ANYWHERE at ANYTIME…


Regimes need bullyboys and thugs to do their bidding

Power hungry dictators have no power on their own!

On their own they are just sad old feckless limp dicks who couldn’t force themselves onto anyone
(that is why they have to content themselves by raping little children)

Never forget that It’s the COLLABORATORS that give them real power,

Never forget that it was “normal” Dutch people who betrayed Anna Frank to the death camps.

People like my thrice cursed grandfather,

people who take the money,the protection and the power of the oppressive system
by joining the armed population-control forces like the riot police, security guards and special armed forces

People who then happily attack the poor and defenseless to support the rich and the powerfull, while shouting those VERY famous hated words:


as they legally smash your head in with dangerous weapons or drag you off to concentration camps paid for by your own tax money.

But that is not all...

THEY are NOT the only ones to blame for supporting the type of totalitarianism that is spreading like a cancer now

… no…

Don’t forget the masses of people who join the witch hunts of madness and scream about “decency” and “safety” and “defence”…
who spread fear and hatred while victimising the ones who are declared “enemies of the state” by the ruling class, because they do not want to join the new religion and support the oppressive political reality.

And ofcourse to round off this list of shame, let’s not forget all those masses of people in the “silent majority”
The “Sheep people” who "OBEY the RULES" , shut their eyes to the truth and look away as these crimes against humanity are commited all around them.

All THOSE people ,

All of them are COLLABORATORS

Because only THEY have the choice

Will they lend their voice and their power to support multi-billionaire world dictators?

Or will they support their fellow citizens who wish to just live a free life in peace?


will they MAKE this world a Garden of Eden, a Natural paradise of Truth, Social gathering and healing?


Are they helping to create a Giant Concentrationcamp of Lies, fear, confusion and Death?

Which is the world YOU want for yourselves and your children?

We all have a choice…

I am a 100% Organic Crazy Pagan Shaman
I am a free born Anarchist and I will NEVER surrender my independance ,
I will NEVER support this madness of moneyed mass murder!

I know which side I am on!

But…do YOU?

Greenthingz and Freedom!
Shaman Steve Sic

“Take off your Mask and smile at someone
Reach out your hand and touch someone
Open your heart and hug someone
Nothing is Sacred…only Nature”