Dear fans, listeners, kindred spirits, beautiful freaks…

It is sadly not possible anymore to add a message to this guestbook.

All these years, we kept our guestbook (sadly a very old-fashioned thing
in these times) for those who wanted to share their feelings with us via
a different route than social media. But during the past few years, the
amounts of spam we receive and have to delete, have become unmanagable.
You can still write us using the contact form instead of the guestbook.

Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA

Julie Rafuse

Hello Omnia :) I love the new look of your website, it looks awesome. And I am sooooo happy that you send world wide, I live in Canada and I wasn't able to purchase your beautiful items. I will be placing my first order soon :) Thank you for your great music, sending love and blessings to you all <3

Victor Laffargue

Hi guys ! I just discovered you a few months ago, and i love your stuff ! Every time i listen to you it moves my soul, it's wonderful . And i'm glad you play some songs from "Breizh" cause it's my land ;) Hope ill see you live one day !

Miguel Méndez

Hola, hello i just come here to say thanks for your music, When I heard for the first time Fee Ra Huri for no reason I was thinking about the rain and the nature, thanks a lot for all.

Jeffrey Denham

I first listen to Omnia when I was around fifteen or sixteen, and my first song by them was Morrigan. I instantly fell in love with them above all other Pagan bands I heard. I would move to Europe if I could just to be closer to where they hold their concerts primarily. This is the kind of music we need for a more open and free society. Blessed be all of you guys! Namaste!

Lydia Kloosterman

The website looks great :).Seeing you live in a theater and Castlefest this year may you all have a wonderfull 2016.


Thank you, dear Pagans of OMNIA, for your amazing music. I should thank my best friend for telling me about you again... and again :) In Poland there's huge, noncommercial festival every year, it's called Woodstock Festival from Woodstock '69. Motto of the Festival is "Love, Frienship, Music". Many pagans of Poland goes to Woodstock and we would be really happy to see you there :) Please guys come to Woodstock, let's make the next summer of love!
Blessed be!

Angelika - The Teacher

Dear Pagans of Omnia,

for several years I've been listening to your music and visiting your concerts. I truly love your creative work and try to spread your music among little children in school, so they get your very important message, too.
You are the most wonderful and powerful band I have ever seen or heard. That's why I also applied for the job as a PA for Omnia. I would quit my job and quit my school and do just what I wanna do.
You are incredibly inspiring. Thank you so very much for this! You have changed my life with your music.
Much love and hugs from Potsdam, Germany.


Dearest omnia! Great new site! Two things.
First, this year i was planning on going to Castlefest specifically to see all of you! Omnia, why is Castlefest not on the agenda??
Second, i live in new york is it normal for the copy i ordered of naked harp to not have arrived yet? Its been a month.
blessings and love from,

Reina Klap

Hi dear Omnia, if I look at the agenda, I think you found the "new PA" and he or she is doing a hell of a job! Congratulations, greentz and love from Reina

Marissa Lee Johnson

Hey Guys, from down under in Australia.
Great job on the website, love it, love it, love it.
When will you guys come to Australia. Would love to see you in concert.


Nice page!! :)


The new Webside is awesome. Great Work!

Fee Jackson

Am liking the new website layout and shop.....oh!.....the shop....that's just dangerous, that is!!!!
Best wishes to you all for the new year and cant wait to see you :)



Love your music. But were is the blog? I loved to read it.


Hey Andrea, 

Thanks for the message. The blogs will be displayed on the home page. You can scroll back in time and read them all ;) 

Greenzz Daphyd


ace site, be well be blessed, may rain fall softly like rose petals down your cheeks ( face not arse) but never when on stage but then let the sun shine in your hearts ,as you sing to us unworthy and unwashed lovers of your musick, NsoN


Hi guys! I love so much your music. I hope see you in Chile some day !

Jack Marchione

I love your music and your new Web site looks great!

Alex Rivera

Love the layout of the website.Have a Beautiful New Year.Blessed Be.


Love and best wishes to you all from the U.K.

I'm loving the new website - it's definitely easier to negotiate now.


Come to POLAND, please!!! We love you!!!