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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


hello Omnia im so glad i found your music on youtube you guys have been such an inspiration



Christoffer Skauge Eid

Hey, just wanna thank you for the inspiration. Me and my wife listen to your music whilst making drums. Check out our drums on Facebook: Chris-og-Gro-Trommer-og-annet
We are from Norway! Keep up the Good work.


Russian band "Music of the Night" playing "Niiv" on harp, check on youtube:
Thank you all!

David Reyes

Hello, in the past december 2015 I discovered your music with Naked Harp cd, I could say that your music "comes from heaven", I hope you can date a show in México City, thank you for this delightful and charming music.

Jack Shea


Happy Anniversary! Would this be your thirteenth? No doubt 13 is a very Lucky Number in the Pagan scheme of things. So Best of Luck and Blessings in the coming year(s).

P.S. The banners look tres cool.


Moz The "Auldfather"

Greetings & Blessings Friends. This was going to be a gratitude piece for your wonderful " Naked Harp" CD. Brilliant though that offering is ...You have also mentioned food in your last posting . Now as a Hobbit of some (Many) passing years ...I can only say Naked Harp & Pea soup ... M`mmm...Mellow people Mellow...I`m a dab hand at the old Leek&Potato myself but can barely play the madolin!!!!

Live in Peace and Blessed Be, Heya1 Omnia!

Mandala Folk

Greetings, Steve, Jenny, Satria, Rob and Daphyd.

We are Mandala Folk, a neo-folk band from Brazil, and we’re happy to say that your music and your job are major inspirations for us all! The band have only one year and some months playing around, but we love what we do and we always try to bring happiness wherever we go!

Recently, our first video-clip was launched with a special thanks to you guys, for keeping the magic “Allive” and for the great inspiration you’ve been providing to us and to all the folk bands and musicians!
Let’s make the people of the world listen to the sounds of nature and of the ancestors and try to bring back some wisdom from the ancient times!


We hope you can give us a little hand in spreading our first job around Europe, and maybe some day we can meet you there with some beer, great cheer and lots of music!!!

Thanks a lot!



is there still hope that you will be at Castlefest this year? It is not on the agenda yet. I was there some years ago and it was wonderful and I would not go to Castlefest without you

Alex Parrish

First off I am not a poet. I am not a hippy. I am not a pagan. I am very late to the game. I randomly found Pagan Folk Lore live on youtube as a suggestion. My mind is blown.

I have to say keep it up guys. I am know scouring the interwebs for that damn dvd of Pagan Folk live.

Also since I am late to the game and I am sure all you're hardcore fans know...but what happened to Luka? All your knew preformances do not have him.

I know Joe had his own gig/band. But man the chemistry and his back up vocals are missed!

Anyways thank you for the music!

Mike Bat1 (Buchanan)

You live my dream. Love your sounds. Keep em coming...
Well done, your hearts are truly where they belong.

When do you plan to come to the UK??

Look below terra firma - We have really screwed up..... We continue unabated...
Troglo Warrior :)

Ben Harker

We are fortunate to have our culture preserved in this way. Across time, Christianity, and the sea, the spirit of my ancestors lives.

Matt McCurdy

I just discovered your music a few days ago and am so thankful for the creativity and message you are sending out to the world.

I am a former Earth First! activist who spent many years in the 1990's protesting logging of ancient redwood forests in Northern California and ancient forests in Oregon. The year you formed Omina I was living at the Warner Creek Earth First! road blockade in Oregon defending the ancient forests and roadless areas. Your music takes me back to those days chopping wood, carrying water, and protesting against the injustices of environmental destruction.

Now I am an organic farmer growing food in harmony with the earth, digging my hands into the soil daily to bring forth sustenance and life.

Thank you for bringing your creativity and music into this world.


Dear Omnia,
I'm fifteen years old now and I just found omnia.
When I heard " I dont speak human" I really "felt" it. I'm so touched by the music you guys make <3. Because of you I started to know more about the Paganism and I really love it. The lyrics's of youre songs are so good and real, they really inspire me.
Hope I can go to one of youre concerts :). I just bought a tin flute and start to play it because I really like the sound of it.
I just want to let you guys know how much this band inspires me to go into nature, make music en be who I am. Hope this message makes you happy
Love Mees

Jack Shea

Steve and Jenny,

It's great to see you're having such a fine time in Bulgaria. Steve even appears to be smiling!

While you're in the neighborhood, why don't you consider a side trip to Thessalonica or even Athens. You ought to be able to score some traditional Pontic CD's there. I don't recommend a trip to the Pontus itself since it's now in Turkey, and the more radical Muslims like Pagans even less than they like Christians.

Anyway, continue to have a good "vacation" and get lots of inspiration for your much-awaited new album.

Cheers and snowy things!


David Sea-Njord

I hope this message finds you all in good health and a state of happiness and peace of mind. I received my copy of Omnia Naked Harp today and found the music so pleasant and peaceful in a noisy world rushing to its doom. The opening and closing pages in the leaflet show the great love both Jenny and Steve have for each other and for nature. I wish you both and the Group Omnia a fond Farewell.
Keep the faith
Blessings and Peace from all in the UK pagan and wiccan groups.


I hope you all make the trip to America mostly florida in the tampa area so your music can be heard here


Hello Omnia!

We're waiting for you to visit us in Poland, I'm sure you're aware that there are hundreds, even thousands of your fans waiting to see you on our home turf!

Warm greetings from Wroclaw <3


Hey OMNIA band,

I just wanted to let you guys know that your music is truly wonderful to listen too. I adore strongly the message and art behind the words and music you make. Please keep up the wonderful work, and even more so the messages you are sending out. Also remember to be safe, have fun, and live your lives to the fullest! c:

Many hugs, and many blessings.
Smile onward and seek the future ever more!

Many hugs from a fan,
Christina. <3

-waiting for answer-

Hi there Steve and Jenny!
I am not sure if any of you will read my message, but I'll still write it.
I am not here only to tell you about how much I like your music. I think I fell in love with your message you are sendning to other people. I'm very into your
'philosophy' and you made me think about some important things in life.
The song of yours I like the most is 'Call me Satan' 'cause in there you are calling 'the lord of beasts' with all the names he ever had. In our lands the thracians called him that mysterious man. I know he is real more than anything and it is my job to find him. I know it is Dionis' fault for making fools(mutant monkeys) out of straight people. It is his fault for turning the mother Earth into gray and lifeless battlefield.
I don't care if you can't understand my thoughts
I still love how much passion you put in each song, and how much you do care for our planet.
P.S: Sorry for my broken english! Please wtite me back!