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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Hi guy's and girls,

Can anyone help me?
Looking for a sticker with the lyrics of Crone of war.

Kill Maim Fight Slay Die.

Got some early 2000 but lost the in time.
(Same as the very first Omnia shirt ever sold in Rijswijk. Yes I'm that old)

So if there is someone with this sticker please contact me.



Beste omnia, ik luister jullie muziek al sinds het begin (2006?) Was ook voor het eerst dat mij duidelijk was dat ik het heidendom helemaal kon omarmen. De oude liedjes spreken me nog steeds aan maar jullie nieuwe nummers hebben zeker een leuke twist. Mooi dat jullie blijven groeien. Bedankt voor de mooie herinneringen die jullie muziek mij hebben gegeven en zal ook zeker blijven luisteren.


Dear Omnia,
Thank you for your music!
I'm Archeologist. But, i don't work in profession. I'm from Poland and I live near beautifull pleace - Beskid Niski mountains (ang. Lovel Beskid). Is great place. Long time ago he lived here many peoples - Łemkos, Romas and Polish. But in 1945-1947 but peoples banished Łemkos.. At the moment mountains are empty. Nature rules here! Great place!
I like celtic and slavic music. And I love folks music!

You are wonderfull team!

Best wishes,



Hey guys,
I see you are on your way to Bulgaria. Make sure you stop in Plovdiv if you don't have it planed already. Don't know how long you I'll be there for but if you are staying for more than a week make sure you visit both the coast and the mountains (Rodopha mountains are more accessible and as beautiful and magical as the rest of the nature around there. Irakli used to be a great beach but I haven't lived there for a while and not sure if it is still unspoiled.
Have fun, it's lovely there. We should be heading there soon too.


Dear Omnia,
Thank you for your music. The song "Niiv's Cauldron" was suggested to me by Spotify and I was sold immediately. I've never before encountered a band whose EVERY song I like. You make my day better.

Ella from Finland

ron guptill

Hi, never done this before, so please bear with me. First-Celtic pipes and drums always had a special effect on me. When but a child of four or five, in our town the parade went right down the street from where I lived. when the pipers marched by I took off with them. Got caught a couple blocks later. Always listened to Celtic those rare times it turned up on the radio, as I traveled through the years. Now all these years in Eugene, two hours a week on "Mist covered mountains". Mainstream : battlefield band, Celtic Woman etc. Then my friends cable tv co. did an upgrade. and you tube came standard. So I started exploring Celtic music. Albannach, Clanadonia, etc. Basic, primitive, goosebump raising on the outside, old Gods starting to stir within.
And then the fateful button click, "I don't speak human" . And a freak comes on the screen. Reach for the remote but a wolf comes on and I pause. Then She comes on, caresses a tree. And I am lost. How very strange. Now the Christ acknowledges the Mother, the almighty nods to the lord of beasts. Brigette, My Goddess of hearth and home, healing, receives my respect. This all in the last six months.
Now I reach the point. You've been to Eugene. You know people here. you made a video. I tried to follow it's clues, but when I traced the Security Signs truck, to what is now fast signs, they didn't have a clue who you were. said they only opened last year.
I need a people. A tribe. My shitty computer skills, and local pagan sites don't get along.
I'm well into middle age, and never thought I'd ever be looking for spiritual interactions with wiccan, witch, shamanic. etc. There is need which calls to my power. Power in need of control. Any direction you can point me?

Alexander Arcand

Cree but for a landscape,
and where would it be from?
but for a land afar away where elves grow it in strands
thus what would be to put on this land, the trees?

What else what for
A great oak field, large enough to span
but true it is that wander she does upon thus dance
and rise to fill the well to shine, and all the shrines to see
her stars to fill the void and forever intertwined as that should be

now how would one upon this place
find such a vision as sought?
with a soft hiss and a breath of a stretch
one would scour the fucking land.

Sayantan Sinha

Dear Omnia

I saw your videos as suggestions from youtube. The 2012 tour video I don't speak human and the song Free ra Huri was the first song I listened. It is so amazing that I in an instance feel in love with your music. I loved the energy. Keep churning out such amazing pieces. All the best!! And now I am a subscriber of your youtube channel too!! Love from India

Yamila (Yachy)

Dear JennySteve :P
How can I do yo send you mi make up/outfit, inspired in you guys?♥
I can't in Youtube.
I can't in Facebook.
And I can't in here jajaja.

I just want to say, that I'm a Earth Warrior,
I take the commitment so fucking serious.
Thank you for being my refuge, thank you.
And thank you for never sells to anyone!

Thank you for read me jajaja♥
I love you all, guys of Omnia!!!

Yachy, from Argentina.♥
PD: Come to Argentina!!!

Hi Yachy

Great that you are such a dedicated Earth Warrior! You can send us a picture of your inspired outfit to

Argentina is a looooong way for us pagans to get to ...we really don't want to use polluting airplanes :-(

but in spirit we are with you! we are one big FAMILY :-)


Dear Jenny and Steve, we read you live in a tini tiny forest in the netherlands. We are really interested in having our own cute forest too but after lots of research we found nothing. So our question is how the !#%@ did you manage to get your own lil’ forest?

Hi Robin

We live in a tiny forest in Holland, but we don't own the forest itself (only our tiny house)

you're right that it's (almost) impossible to find in Holland, that's why we are going to emigrate to a greener country ;-)



Just finished reading the book you recommended, "How Music Works" by Englishman John Powell. Even though I've been involved with choral groups on and off since the third grade (circa 1947) and even had a few "Music Appreciation" classes in elementary school, I found that this book filled in many facts about music theory and practice that I knew only imperfectly. Indeed, I stand in awe of your and Steve's abilities to express yourselves musically in such varied ways, especially instrumentally; though, particularly in your case, I know it required many hours of practicing scales in a whole bunch of major and minor keys.

Seeing your picture on the rugged coast of Denmark reminded me that I just completed reading the last currently available book in the "Saxon Tales" series by Bernard Cornwell, also an Englishman but now living in America. These are a series of connected historical novels set in the ninth and tenth centuries A.D. in a Saxon Britain being invaded by Danish and Norse Vikings. While the fictional hero, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, does revert from Christianity to North Germanic Paganism, you might find his bloodthirstiness and Warrior Elitism somewhat off-putting. Moreover, he tends to regard the inhabitants of Cornwalla as somewhat primitive. But you might like his careful descriptions of the natural state of pre-industrial Britain, especially as they precede decisive battles.

Anyway, peace, greenthingz and good luck in finding your retreat,


thanx Jack, we'll check it out!

Dan O Doyle

We are all the inheritors of our genetic past which allows us to live other lives from different times . You , through your artistic abilities, have helped this 72 year old discover one of those genetic gifts from another place and another time experience.

Music is life and life is music

Keep sharing your talents

we will Dan!

ps: Yes Life is wonderfull, weird and great isn't it? you can always learn new things at any age!  :-)

Daniel E. Ulfsson

Thank you for the music and inspiration. As a writer and illustrator, Omnia is a feast for the senses and music I love to listen to while I create.

Michael Downs

Thank you for your music! I think you are amazing! Have seen a few of your shows in YouTube and I love them.


Hey guys! I'm not that big fan of folk music but few of your song I really love and for example Fee Ra Huri I learned to play on recorder even I never played flute type instruments.
Glad to hear that you'll be in Czech Republic, Aš is just 20 mins drive from my town. But unfortunately I'll be in Alaska at that time.

Couple things we have common, like I'm a pagan and earth warrior same like you are!

Keep doing your great work. Cheers, Matěj from Luby, Czech Republic!

nanna björk

Hey guys love youre music alot it is amazing a not just fun but very eye opening to in its own way i hope to see you soon in iceland some time loads of hugs and love to you from iceland

Paulo Baraldi Mausbach

I have discovered OMNIA on youtube some months ago and can't stop to listen to your masterpieces, and now the world has been blessed with your amazing new CD!!!!

Reflexions is just perfect, mixing many of your musics (which most of them are my favorites) with mastery, with no doubts i will buy it when I find in a store here in Brazil!!

Thanks for everything guys, love your work!!!

Joanna Ventura

Have loved your music and mind set for awhile now, but your latest CD "Refelexions" Just makes me dance and sing. Can't stop playing it over and over. I'm originally from the south west of England, born in Bath. Emigrated to the US with my Mother in 1969 to North Carolina. It's an interesting and sometimes a bit backward place. I never have really felt like I belonged here. Your music takes me to a the place I understand and there I can just be.
Blessed Be to you and all that love you Omnia!


Have only found your music recently but love it. I’m an old repressed pagan with major Cthulhulonic issues oh sorry that might be colonic issues anyway I digress. Sic I sometimes find your intros twee but I forgive you because your message is strong and quite frankly your soul is sound. Apart from Mexico how much of the world do you guys get to? And how much do I have to crowd fund to either get to one of your gigs or get you to tour the U.K. Admittedly the spirit of my forefathers is weak and the sacred places have been forgotten but there are still bastions of faith in the right ways. ( I’ve never done a site comment before........Steve, Jenny, Omnia keep doing what you’re doing you and the band are brilliant).......right do I hang up now.


Reflexions - Remixions - such fun, playing with the toys in your attic. I like the new album. Thank you for doing it. I have collected all of Omnia that I can, & I'll continue to do so.