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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA


Thank you for taking me to a better place, each and every time I hear your words and experience the power of your music.


Whenever I start to feel disconnected from The Truth, your music brings me home.
Thank you

Shaun Michael Patric Paine

The words and note fill the chalice that is l\ife.
Ive come to find yet another in a series of the stone that form the oath of life, this music is a far brighter stone then any I've trod in the past. Your rythem and word are power, raw and all filling, thank you one and all.

P.S. I don't speak Human much anymore either

Wake not and spoil the dream; Sleep and be fulfilled

A Unicorn Lost
Shaun M.


Hi Steve, Jenney and other Omnia folks,

I admire everyone. Your music takes me to heaven.

Love for nature.

I really want to meet you guys

ron guptill

dear Stenny,
Hello again, just wanted to extend my greetings prior to Lugnasadh. Here in Orergon it's in the midst of a heat wave. But at least the blackberries are ripening up. The beginnings of a wild harvest to come. even the homeless can make a few bucks, our local ice cream maker will buy berries for a couple weeks. If you're ever in the Eugene area this time of year, check out the local farmers market on Saturdays.
And this being the U. S. of A .,it's the home of, and the front lines in the battle against, the abomination known as trump, the republican party of treason, rape (of women and the land) and greed. But outside of that everything's just grand. (Snark)
I really need to find some local tribe. so if anyone from around Eugene reads this, and can relate, how can I find you?

John Baptist chavez

Just found ur music today and love it



Since you asked, here we are in Trumptopia aka Texas. The skies are also blue, though Saharan dust is in the air, and the temperature and humidity are high. There's been no rain for the last couple of weeks, but big-storm season is not far off so that may only be temporary. Life remains fairly pleasant as long as the AC grinds away, the supermarkets are still well stocked and the gas pumps are still full. And don't tell us Americans about AGW--we're now in total denial.

It appears that our East and West coasts, as well as Northern Europe are experiencing similar weather. Good luck on your concert preps as well as searching for your sylvan retreat.

Greenz (if you can find it),


mario marco farinato ILPIGNA

Thank you for your music :) i really like it , but most of all i like your message, unfortunately my daughter died from pollution, so i really care about the message, i wrote an article on my blog, hope you will enjoy it :) best regards

leandro lucero

I want to express my admiration, I'm from Argentina and in my area only cement surrounds me. his songs reminded me that I should not follow the rest of these monkeys. thanks and my most cordial greetings from "Buenos Aires - Argentina". Thx again


In answer to your question about where to buy land, may I respectfully suggest Montana? :) It is lovely here, just south of Glacier National Park...mountains, water, trees, deer abound, elk, bear, turkeys.....oh, and me of course!!
Good Luck in your search, the perfect place will present itself, at the appointed time!
Will miss you all at Faerieworlds this year.


Hej Stenny!
It is nice to read that you are save and healty home again! Because on roadtrips like yours there are always risks!
But we went to hollydays tomorow by camper too. We planed to see the viking-places in Denmark: Ribe, Roskilde, Trelleborg and Haithabu in Germany.
Because you tell it: i do bowing too for 4 years.
And in former times i own one of these cute french citroen vans that was build cince the late 40th and were called type HY! Whith it i do road-adventure-trips till an acident. But this was 17 jears ago.

So there was only one thing to say: i read always your blog and like it!
Being so how you want to be is the most important thing!
Next is freedom and healty!

Greenthings and greetings to Mr Fluffy ( by the way: our dog is also named Fluffy)


Hello S&J.

I've only recently began to engage some of your music, having lately purchased your RevleXions CD, .... tho a few years ago a video of you 2 playing together an "ancient" song on 2 beautiful harps caught my ear and eye.

As a long time musician/music lover who was born in the USA but who has lived in the Middle East, i have over the years added to my obsessive love of music a genuine appreciation for "good" music, without regard to borders or genres`, in general.
Real musicians always speak the same language, no matter if they share the same belief system, or not.

Was just reading your bio's, and its interesting, as are your lyrics.
Its interesting to me that you both define yourselves as Pagan lovers of the earth with devotion to the concept of "chaos maintained" and other ideas related to what is and isnt "learned reality", as your particular type of non-institutionalized religious pursuit.
Here in the states, we generalize this type of religious approach as "Witch-Craft" , or more generally , "The Occult", as defined not only by your appearance and your music and your theology, but also certainly regarding all the symbolism that is found all around you including within the music, videos, and music related products you offer.
And regarding "RefleXions",... i find it well designed and executed and full of interesting sounds and musicality.
Its certainly well produced - mixed for use in audiophile headphones., and i can't think of a better means to really listen to music.
It might be a good idea, to consider creating a similar "Best OF", or "Deep Cuts" sometime in the future using only vocals, acoustic guitars, harp, flute, simple drums, and Piano......As this worked up as a "studio live" set of what you consider your 10 most melodic "best" songs, (performed live as a recording), would be one more interesting layer of reveal regarding your catalog of songs.
Just a thought..


I myself am not a Pagan, and regarding your loving the "natural earth"......i do understand how you can feel so deeply regarding this specific type of love, as i too share, in a similar way your feelings, tho, in my case my heart's devotion and my continuing appreciation are given to the ONE who created all that you see, and all that you love. And may His unconditional Love soon find you both and keep you always.
i would wish you both, and your entire family, health,.. in all forms..., including body and soul and mind, as well as joy and inspiration for your continuing journey toward the Light.





Hy Jenny and Steve !
Sorry for my english isn't my natal language (French). So i just wanna tell you to continue what you are doing, it's beautiful. Is it true that you are Shaman?
One time during my relaxation time and following one of your song (don't remember which one except if i listen..) i came to an another place and see differents people that i don't know in a place i don't know too for a few seconds (100% sure it wasn't a dream). Other experience like this came to me while listening your music, their are so special !

Thank's for the message, for the energy, for all ! Keep going like this! And thank's if you take a little moment for answer to my question !



schade das ihr nicht mehr beim MPS seit. Wann und wo seit ihr denn wieder auf der Bühne? Grüsse aus Düsseldorf.



Sinuhe Guerrero P.

Hello Steve and Jenny
I hope you are living your adventure in Bulgaria in a nice way and I wanted to say that ...
I love seeing his post on facebook, although I miss those little blogs on his YouTube channel, which I have seen completely and in all his videos there is surely a comment from me saying that I love them, so in the most kind way I would like to see more of that type of video but of what happens to them now, but not as an entertainment only, but to know what the warriors of the earth do in their travels.
And while I know that a warrior who fights for the land like you or me, would not go to a polluting plane in the extreme to give concerts in America, I would like you to make a cañón with sung parts in Spanish ...
That for today is all I have to say a greeting from Mexico by Sinuhe Guerrero.
Good luck on your trip Steve and Jenny



Jolene Tory

Dear Stinny!

Stinny and band, I am proud to have found my inner earth warrior and become a sea shepherd! I am a mother of five children and have volunteered my time and love of food towards our fight for nature. I will be aboard the RV Martin Sheen during Operation Virus Hunter as chef. I have always had a great respect for the ocean as I have been a visitor on the unceeded coastal terriers of the Coast Salish First Nations for 30 years or in settler terms Victoria BC, Canada. I am happily wearing my "earth warrior" hoodie and Omnia eminates from the bowels of the galley as I create nurrishment for our crew.
Our family enjoys all forms of music with your creations as their favourite on our play lists. One of our favourite pass times together is wondering the beautiful island and cleaning humansfilth as a famdamly. We quite often challenge our friends and families on Facebook on litter pick up. This is one of the many life lessons in stewardship I continue to pass down to our future generations. We also like to champion how much the sacred healing powers of nature in today's overwhelming stigma around mental health, trauma, truth and reconciliation.
All my relations
Jolene and family

Sinuhe Guerrero P.

Steve y Jenny
Yo soy de México y me encantaría que presentaran algún concierto en este país ya que me encanta su música lo pagano y natural...


Hi You!

J'ai choisit d'écrire en français, ma langue natale.
Simplement pour vous dire un mot : merci!
Voir deux : gratitude.
Voir plus :
Que votre Esprit demeure pur,
Que votre Ego demeure humble,
Pour que rayonne votre Être!
Lumineuses pensées et tendres baisers.


Yessss! That is absolutely my favourite book too. All time highlight.
Strange but in a certain sense most pagans I know, including me love the works of Tolkien. Because there ist so much ancient and genuine-and real existing stuff in there. Not to emntion the beauty of his landscapes and the grandness of the magic. Even though he was a convinced christian, there´s the pagan spirit in his works.
Gods may bless you people on your trip....and being from austria I can tell, there´s a whole bunch of goblins runnin round here.....