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All these years, we kept our guestbook (sadly a very old-fashioned thing
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Greenthingz Jenny & Steve / OMNIA

Sioux Kennedy

Love, love, love your music. <3



I am Tania, from Chile (South America). His music has come to my soul, coming to Chile someday.

Ivan o

Dear Omnia, first of all, thank you for your amazing work and way of living. Me and my girlfriend look up to you. Trying to live "green" life. Even though it is hard sometimes, because we are both successful classical musicians. We make around 30 flights per year. Anyway, I would like you to invite you to my and my fiance's wedding :) 17th of August. For more info contact me on e mail, please. Near Zagreb, Croatia.
I know you are based somewhere in Slovenia now, so that is just a 2 hours drive.
Think about it.
Anyway we are both working in Norway as orchestra musicians. In Kristiansand.
And we enjoy your music a lot.
Have a nice day :)


Cant i tell you..cant i rely the longing in my heart..the yearning, a sense of sadness from knowing my life was not in focus with what my ancestral family was, hidden from me..2 be awaken...BY YOU!...I now see the reality of what was may not realize may think ( but i doubt it)..but your band has reached me deeply and has changed are NOT JUST are a force of pagan renewal and a source of inspiration that transcends just have FKN changed me...AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR IT!!!!!!!


Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had the best day you've had so far! Love the picture, that's great.

Christie Morrow


I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for - yet again--"walking" beside me through tough times.


Oh sorry! I missed to congratulate to your birthday!
So now it comes two days too late, but here it is:
Happy, happy birthday Mr. Steve Sic!!
We wish you a lot of nice presents and a great time!!!!
Love, peace and Greenthings!
Floki (from the midle of gemany)
Nice picture on your blog!
Stay cool on these days!


Hello from Ireland. Your music calls to my spirit and makes it yearn to move away from the mutant monkey hubs and into nature. Perhaps I will once I have enough saved away, but until then, my escape is through you


I only recently was introduced to Omnia and so glad I was! I play pagan music in my shop and cant understand how I never heard you before. I actually wake up hearing your music in my head!!! Usually it's Estretomp Ni Kelted. I just wanted to say Thank You!


Por favor vengan a Ecuador soy fan de su música además de que en Ecuador se encuentran los paisajes más vellos

Lang haar en leuk uiterlijk

Leuk interview op Arvid's podcast.





hi guys!

Please, come to Mexico city! We need a Pagan tour in our country!
I love your music a lot , you are the best! :D


Your music is the best form of distraction and rebellion against the torturous misery that is modern human existence. I feel life is both too long and too short not to connect with the heart and joy of the natural world. It is a shame that most never do. Thank you for living and sharing your piece of that joy with people like me.

Rain Shadoow

Hello from Missouri USA. My son and I love your music. It is one of the things that gets him in a good mood and talking! He has Autism and usually won't talk or play with others much, but I can turn on your music and he dances and sings along! Are you going to come to the USA for a concert? I would love to bring him to see you in person. Blessed Be!
Rain Shadow and Taro

silvio sossai

hi there greetings from germany i love your musik especeli fena huri and wold warior mi name is silvio

Boski and kristof

Hello Steve and Jenny, we are young couple of Czech Republic. And have more lifes question,on which we are still looking for an answer. We decided to drive through the world and find answers. We know, when you are in slovenija. We dreaming about this, when we dream of seeing you and talking to you. It is important to us. Kryštof has a similar view of the world as you do. He would like to talk to you personally about it. Please, when and where can we see you ? :) :) We'll be honest to spend our time with you and talk with you.
Have a nice night and good luck on the way
I believe we will see you
Boski and kryštof


You guys inspired me so much over the years! I think it has been already 10 years since I discovered your music! Today I felt like a true Earth Warrior.
So now I wanted to stop by and send you my regards from the big Fridays for Future demo in Aachen.
Your music has guided me through so much.
Thank you!


Hallo, ik wist niet dat je hier iets kon schrijven, maar ik ben al een jaar groot fan van jullie. En ik heb al jullie blogs al gelezen. Ik vind het erg leuk dat jullie dat delen met de omnia fans. En ik ben blij voor jullie dat jullie nu even die rust kunnen pakken. En ik hoop dat ik jullie ooit ga ontmoeten. Veel plezier nog met jullie vrijheid. En veel plezier met jullie vakantie in Bulgarije!

Floki, formaly known as jan_the_viking

Hej Stenny,

it is very nice to see you on horsebacks in natur, in freedom and peace!
I notice, that Mr. Crow is becoming a bandmember. That's great!
Are you planing any shows in futur?

Love, Peace and Greenthings!