OMNIA Backstage MPS Hohenwestedt

Rob during the soundcheck
Thomas, our Super Roadie ;)
Soundguy Sascha / Backstage
Jenny approves ;)
Happy Jenny !
Happy Face Steve :)
Yep, it was me, taking the pictures. Mirror Selfie
Rob's pre-show Ritual
Closeup funny mood
Steve checking out the weather... ;)
Steve enjoying some herbs
Sound... Check
Roadie Thomas and Lightguy Tony. They are amused...
Bouzouki close up
Saat checking his battery before the show
Steve having a sip of Jager
Roadie Thomas and Jenny, fixing a brand new microphone in the harp.
Sic during soundcheck
Saat's guitar doesn't look good after it fell down on the stage.. Hope it's ok !
Merch Dude Damien Chilling after a hard day of work
Backstage spooky smoke