Omnia Backstage Castlefest 2016

Daphyd choosing some medieval jewelry
3 hour long photo session for the band, it was fun! ;)
The new PA helping out taking nice fan pictures /Spike, Personal Assistant
Taking pictures with the band
The sacred OMNIA Crew seal gives you acces to all places ;-) /Spike, Personal Assistant
Daphyd is enjoying his time with the fans during the signing session
Jenny as well....
Do you really have to take a picture now???
Steve in his natural habitat ;-)
Signing everything, from CD booklets, boobs, shirts and even hand made art :)
The forever smiling Rob Thunder!
Signing session in full swing!
It takes 3,5 hours, but we stay until everyone has a signature
Rob after a long and exhausting jam-session, taking his moment :)
Is this thing on? Soundcheck Castlefest
Didge, 1... 2....
Warming up the harp for the Pagan Night
Tuning the didge..
How did this work again?
Instruments of a medieval torturer ;)
How did this song start?
True love <3 /Sas, Soundguy
Blog time in the backstage
Rob negotiating....
Or making a joke? ;-)
Perfect dental smile
Coolest sunglasses evah!
Happy merch babe Damien
Finding the brown sound...
Our roadie, relaxing before showtime  /Thomas, Roadie
Tony the light pony, practising his cowboy look
Can we take him back to the hotel?
Together with one of the green goblins
The newest addition to Saats ever growing collection of instruments
Crazy man!
Daim in his natural......  /Damien, Merchdude
Important business call
Rocking Roadie / Thomas, Roady
Chilling with Coca and sweet mini-Coca :)
Sharing a good moment. (Picture by Daphyd who nicked Erwins photocamera)    /Erwin, Photographer
Hi there!
Time to get Schwifty!