Home is where the Hearth is :)

24 Feb 2020

A fireplace is just so comfortable and relaxed,especially when it's your only form of heat to drive off the cold.
Living here , feeling the land live, breathe and change around us, makes us feel cradled within a green embrace.

We swear to take care of this piece of mother Nature and She in her generosity takes care of us...
For instance with this wonderfull fire! A timeless energy where you can reconnect with all your ancestors as well as the primal forces of life itself :)

I love fire...
And the fire loves me...

ART!! What is it's purpose?

19 Feb 2020

What has become of Art in our modern consumer world?

To many modern "Artists" it is merely a way of expressing how totally brilliant they themselves are (most Artists are complete ego-junkies who get way too much praise which is unhealthy for their poor little minds)... hahaha!

To many tricksy-clever business people disguised as "Artists" it is a way to turn something intrinsically worthless into something which is marketable for a lot of money.

I know it's wrong, but I like it!

17 Feb 2020

Embracing the change!

Yup ... that thermometer is in centigrade and it shows the temperature on our terrace (out of the wind) last weekend!

Ok.. so today it's more like a sunny 10 centigrade with a howling wind again, but still :)

We have a full-on spring going in the mountains here, and it actually feels great! Birdies singing sweet songs flowers flowering,bumble beez buzzing, butterflies buttering,etc.

I should be worried , but Fuck it! Forget about humanity and all it's madness, We're smiling out here in the wild!

Born to be WILD!!

12 Feb 2020

Stenny is happily going home to the mountains, streams and wild woodlands again!

Yeah!! This makes us very happy indeed!! :)

I didn't write any blogs the last few days because

1: We were way too busy arranging emmigration stuff, housing logistics and moving the "omnia office"

Born to be Mild...

8 Feb 2020

We are now just arriving back North in the poisoned flatlands to shovel through some bucketloads of triplicated Dutch bureaucratia and logistics aswell!
Yeah... the land of the Hollanders was BUILT on complicated rules, BUT it's a proud old TRADITION!
the Cloggies love rules ALMOST as much as the Faroe-island Danes love brutally murdering pregnant defenceless whales!) ;)

Happy Days!

7 Feb 2020

The sun shines warm and benevolent on a mild january spring/summer day of flowers and happy birdies...
we have Breakfast coffee outside in the Sun nearly every day here in TERRA OMNIA! (Except ofcourse on the days when there is a blizzard of slushy snow, tempest force wind or yet another sudden rain of penguins) how about that weather!

Wow! It was heart warming (and earthwarming) to read the last blog with all your comments and updates on the weather of this: our new global future :-)
Good luck with that and Thanx for sharing with us!

Let's talk about the weather :-)

4 Feb 2020

We've been hearing a lot about the deeply sad enviromental collapse in Australia lately... but how about all the rest of you? Let's share what we experience...
Here on the Sunny Slovenian side of the Alps (south of Austria, north of Italy) at 800 metres above sea level in TERRA OMNIA we are having "Everything" weather!

What the fuck...

3 Feb 2020

Have been wondering about this for a while. Turns out to be actually true.
Youtube IS promoting climate crisis denial! It's very hard for us, because we need this channel to share our music and videos with people. We have tried using Vimeo but people just don't really go there a lot.

What dis?

29 Jan 2020

The "REFLEXIONS" LP is on sale? And there aren't many left? Sounds like a purrrfect time to get one, no?

Yummy treats and vinyls can be found here


Anou et OMNIA

Pic by Willow the Wizard


25 Jan 2020

... dark thoughts and dirty hands.

Pic by Jenny

Nothing Is Sacred, Only Nature

22 Jan 2020

It was a frosty winter evening when the two diligent Merch Ravens of OMNIA went outside, armed with a snow shovel and dressed in the warmest garbs, in order to make their way to the merch temple where all the goods were stored. Fighting against the harsh wind and the seemingly neverending stream of snow, it took them a while before they reached the sanctuary – but at last, with chattering teeth, they had made it. At the gates they were greeted by the usual creatures, the horned, hoofed and winged “others”, that had taken care of OMNIAs wellbeing since the very beginning and now also extended their services as guards.

Internet is Everywhere?

16 Jan 2020

One thing about living "off the grid" on TERRA OMNIA that we have to get used to, is NOT having constant and unlimited phone and internet access.
We are now living in a data "dark spot" , which means that all the wireless telecommunications which have become so normal (and addictive) to most people all over the world only flicker on and off sporadically out here... in the wild.
Sometimes we have no access at all for days in a row!

This can be a bit annoying when this high-tech saturated world demands instant action or reaction from us...