Happy Bealtaine Fire!!

30 Apr 2019

Today we give thanx to Mother Nature for generously giving the Monkey people this wonderfull planet to bounce around on. :-)

And of course we celebrate this fact traditionally by erecting huge flowered maypoley-penis thingies with lots of ribbons and stuff tied on symbolising the world tree, while lighting huge bonfires to dance around, getting drunk and stoned and horney!


Spring 2019... welcome to the new reality :-)

29 Apr 2019

The insects are buzzing, the flowers bloom filling the world with colour and heady perfumes, the trees have unfurled their young tender leaves spreading a fresh green glow over the Slovenian hills and mountains, the fuzzy creatures are having cubs,kittens and other assorted fuzzy spawn...The birdies are busy hatching eggs an' grubbing for worms ,insects and tonnes of other food for their chicks... LIFE is in full swing!

Oh yeah... there's also a tonne of snow falling on top of it all...

Meeting YOU on the road! :-)

29 Apr 2019

Today we got a fantastic "pagan-freaky-artists" tour of Ljubljana city centre by the very sweet local native Lana. (Whom we also met through these social media posts of our travels)
Do YOU also realise like us, that we are all part of one big international family of like-minded souls spread around the world?
Let's get together whenever we can people!


Real life, real people!

28 Apr 2019

(Something good about socialmedia!)

We're meeting lovely people in slovenia which we contacted through these little social media posts we put here :-)
It's so cool to finally have the time to actually sit down and chill out together with some of YOU!

This is why we do this musick stuff, to connect with 'similar minds' to share thoughts, ideas, beautifull local nature spots and the good things in life (like the handcrafted beers made here in the HumanFish brewery in Vrhnika!)

Greenthingz and Sharing life!
Stenny and newfriends

Living History...

26 Apr 2019

This tree is older than any living mammal on this planet today.
The living land remembers and speaks of the past, flowing into the present, flowing into the future.
It can teach us if we are willing to listen...

Greenthingz and Peace
Stenny and OldManTree

Ancient History, Hell Yeah!!

24 Apr 2019

(no no, you modern monkeys...this is NOT boring!) ;-)

"If you don't know where you come from, you will never truly know where you are going."

Many thanks to dr. Borut Križ for giving us a guided tour around the wonderfull Dolenjski museum-Novo Mesto today ,to experience the rich Celtic prehistory of this fascinating region.(as well as giving us a copy of his beautifull book!)

Happy spring song!

21 Apr 2019

Here's Jenny learning a new instrument in the sun (the wonderfull african Kora) and Yes you WILL hear it one day!

Thank YOU so much for giving us this chance to be free from stress for a while, so we can create again!
Money can be an arse of a slavedriver, I know... as a runaway teenager I learned to live in poverty, sleeping on the streets, stealing and begging for food. I have spent most of my younger life as a penniless Anarchist Proletarian... but then the Pagan musick moved me!

Home is where the Van is

19 Apr 2019

I quit my job and quit my school and do just what I wanna' do

Because I'm FREE :-)

Greenthingz from beautifull Slovenia
Stenny on tour

NEW!! Improved Anthropo-planet! Welcome to YOUR future!

13 Apr 2019

Yes! you too can be the proud owner of this NEW IMPROVED "anthropo-planet"!!
No more waiting for months for those pesky old fashioned seasons to change gradually! Nope! That's not neccessary at all with NEW improved "Anthropo-planet" you get ALL seasons in One Day! With exiting NEW possibilities!
Temperature drops of 25 degrees and more within 24hours!
Snow and Blossom together at last!
Drought or Flooding?
Ice storms or Heatwaves?
Rising seas or desert mountains?

On new improved Anthropo-planet it's ALL possible!

Time for Change? (I'm late! I'm late!)

5 Apr 2019

I'm sitting on my porch looking at the sunset as I write this, absorbing the warblings and tweets of my feathered neighbours and peacefully writing a few more words to YOU.

Spring Equinox

22 Mar 2019

The balance between night and day has been rolled to the point that the days are getting longer again, renewing life springs vibrant all around us, birds sing unimaginably beautifull concertos, mice rummage between the roots of awakening sleepy trees, squirrels, pregnantly plump with new life much tonnes of food and frolick in the branches, ravens crock crock crocking overhead, frogs “going at it” like drugged-fuelled bohemians at a sixties free-love orgy, pumping out eggs like their going out of fashion…

"Let's talk about the weather blog" and tasty social rant- all in one

15 Mar 2019

...take your time to read it.. this is not a quicky.

now with cheesy subtitle!:  
 "the Times are a' changin'  :-) "

Now that's something that you must have heard a lot before, right?
... the Times are changing...
From the earliest antique writings bemoaning the noise and unrest of "modern life" in the days of togas and giant fecking bath houses ... all the way to last century's tacky hippy popsongs and today's ubiquitous social commentators.

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

20 Feb 2019

It's Jenny's Birthday today!

So here's some news that I think is worthwhile switching on the computer for and sharing with YOU on social media.
My beautifull Love Jenny has survived another year on this beautifull planet and this makes us very happy!
I wish you all peace and love on this day (something we are having aswell now!)

Greenthingz and Heya Heya NatureLove!
Steve Sic (and ofcourse Jenny!)