Check out this video of EMIAN

19 Oct 2019


We would like to share with you the latest video of our good friends of the Italian PaganFolk band EMIAN! Check out their new album, it's a jewel.
Stay folk, stay Pagan ;-)


Honest toil

13 Oct 2019

Even though we are musical vagabonds who travel around a lot, we think there is Nothing wrong with a bit of hard manual work from time to time, but only if it's for the right reasons!
like making home brew!

In the past we've made wine , cider and beer before... but we've never assisted in the noble craft of distilling! But now that our travels have brought us to the fertile hills of Slovenia, we've found ourselves in charge of a whole lot of fresh grape mash destined to become a fine slovenian šnops/rakia
(Strong alcohol a bit like geist, schnapps ,brandy etc)

And now for something completely different...big, comfy shirts!

10 Oct 2019

We always strive to improve our little Webshop in terms of sustainability, which isn't consistently easy (all small shop-owners out there surely know the struggle), but we can finally proudly announce that all our products will be shipped PLASTIC-FREE from now on!
This may not seem like a big step, but since we're a family business with a rather small team, things take a little longer as the production & delivery chain is a long and tricky one....but here we are!


10 Oct 2019

What can I say?

Greenthingz, inspirations and speechless...

Master and Student

7 Oct 2019

This is the great Walter Maioli, the musician/psychonaut/historian/shaman who first taught me to listen to the ancient magick of SOUND and the REAL Musick of our ancestors...
He first set me on the music-Path which would lead to the creation of OMNIA...that's why Jenny and me travelled all the way deep into the south of Italy so that I could meet my old friend and Mentor again (after 23 years!)
And so that I could introduce him to Jenny and to YOU!

Because, seriously, without this magical guy, there would not have been any OMNIA, and also no PAGANFOLK!

Family of Paganfolk!

6 Oct 2019

We are enjoying the amazing hospitality of our friends Emilio and Anna of the Paganfolk band Emian
EMIAN . PaganFolk Music
Our journey has brought us to the south of Italy where life is as good and warm as the friendship and musick that unites us...

Greenthingz and good times!

We' jammin' ;-)

1 Oct 2019

We are knocking out tunes together with Daphyd, our american friends Zack and Fox and our Spanish friend Gofre somewhere in an old mansion in Northern Italy...

Greenz and Real musick with Real people!
Stenny et OMNIA

Ps: before you ask, yes ... one day you will get to HEAR the new stuff we are working on all this time , but untill then just enjoy (re)discovering some of the 227 songs we have ALREADY recorded and put on CD over the last decades :-)


26 Sep 2019

Empires come
Empires go
When they collapse nobody knows
here's the history lesson for one and all...
The bigger they are

Greenz and Blood on the sand

Pic by the honkster

Sea Free

26 Sep 2019

Looking out upon the sea
Bright eyes touch eternity
Opened minds cannot but see
All is Nature ... we are FREE

Greenthingz from Hrvatska!

Pagan Nature Art

22 Sep 2019

Today we were working on HARD ROCK!!! ;-)

Greenthingz and Rockmusick!

Do YOU make pagan nature art for fun too?

Pic by Lias Bluestone

Climate Strike

20 Sep 2019

We've been on Climate strike for just over a year now... I calculated that by stopping our active festival/club work , changing our life-style and refusing to tour because the 'War on Nature' has so fucked our brains, we have reduced our Carbon footprint by around 85%!

Ok's true we've also reduced our income by around 85% but fuck it! we're Earth Warriors! We don't need so much shit to survive.